About Us

About Us

DownpourDefender.com is a website dedicated to solving a seemingly simple issue which is complicated for disabled people. The issue is rain. For the majority of people when it’s raining you just pick up an umbrella and be on your way, but if your main accessory in life is a wheel chair, or a mobility scooter, that’s a bit tougher to manage.

Downpour Defender was born from my need to arrive at work dry even though the rain was pouring. Wet leg bottoms never felt good or the raincoat bunched up in the seat didn’t make me a happy camper.

The Downpour Defender is a simple solution that’s meant to give you back an important part of your freedom: being able to move around when it’s raining outside. Simply put on this raincoat and you will be protected against rain and wind – no clumsy umbrellas to hold over your head at all times, and no wet, cold rain either. The Defender was created with durability and afordability in mind – the materials used in its creation are top notch, chosen to last for as long as possible. However, this doesn’t make the product expensive, as a low price is one of the best features of the Downpour Defender.

All in all, DownpourDefender.com, the home of the Downpour Defender, is here to try to make your life better by providing a shelter… on the move.

About Vivian Hooton

I have been able bodied for about half my life. One day, at work, my co-workers and I went outside for lunch. While sitting on the picnic bench a man hit me with his car doing more than 50 mph. In that instant my life changed.

After many years of rehab I was able to return to work. It doesn’t rain much in California yet when it does, I don’t like to get wet. I looked all over for a raincoat to keep my clothes dry below the knee. The only ones I found started at $50 and went up to $400. Since this was out of my price range I chose to design one that would fit my needs. That became the birth of Downpour Defender.

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