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I love searching YouTube for interesting videos. I plan to bring you things and events that you may not be familiar with. Please don’t think this is a way for me to be selling you things. I have no affiliate connection with any of these products. I will not receive any money if you choose to buy. Please do your own due diligence before purchasing anything.

This first product caught my eye as something interesting. It is an attachment for your wheelchair that has an electric engine on it. When assembled it looks like a three wheel scooter. The wheelchair attachment sells for 4900 zloty in Poland. I don’t even know if this product is available in the United States but today, in 2014, the conversion of zloty to dollars makes this almost $1500. For my case, this is a little bit pricey. We can only hope the price decreases in the future.

Please give me your thoughts about this item.

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