Velcro tabs on cuffs.


Keeps Water and Wind out

Big cuffs are easier to use when putting on the coat yet they can get caught on parts of your chair or scooter.  Downpour Defender fixed this with large cuffs that close with Velcro to keep the water and wind out as well as secure the cuff away from parts of your chair.   

Below is for the poncho with the sleeves

Short, wide, cuffed sleeves.Allows maximum freedom for the hands while minimizing exposure of the arms.

With a regular sleeveless poncho, if you want your arms covered, you must limit the use of your hands. If you want to use your hands then your arms must be exposed. The Epiphany Design poncho’s sleeve extends a short distance from the body of the poncho. The sleeve opening is wide at the body to guide one’s hand toward the cuff and fasten around the wrist so that the arms cannot become uncovered, but the hands are always free.

Tie Down

tiw down

Keeps poncho secured behind feet so it does not blow up and allow the feet or legs to get wet.  Will not blow up into handlebars or joystick.

Two grommets at the bottom of the extended front can be attached behind the ankles or to the chair with two small bungee cords.

Hood with Drawstring

panchoopanchoo two

Keeps out water.

Preserves peripheral vision.

This rain poncho is designed to protect the wearer from wind and rain.

Covered Placket


The placket is covered underneath the neck  opening.  This way you will always stay dry and not drip inside to your clothes.